10 interesting fact about Liechtenstein

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1. / In Europe the 4th (after Vatican, Monaco, San Marino) and the 6th smallest state in the World. 12.4 km wide and 24.6 km in length. Due to its size it is the only country that lies only in the Alps, ie, it is only a mountainous country.

2./ Next to Uzbegistan is the only country whose neighbors do not have coasts.

3./ There are 16 banks and 393 asset management companies that are the real paradise for the country. Thanks to its low tax rate (up to 18%), many foreign companies register in Liechtenstein. This is due to the fact that about 30,000 people in the country have 100,000 mailboxes.


4. / The parliament consists 25 and the government consists of 5 ministers. They are responsible for everyday matters. Women can only vote for 1 July 1984, except for municipal elections. In 2003, the democratic constitutional letter was reformed, which expanded and strengthened the powers of the ruling. In addition, any village voted for it can leave the state.


5. / The last German-language monarchy in Europe can, according to the historical anecdote, remain independent, because after the Napoleonic wars, the Vienna Congress simply forgot about its existence. The 158 km2 country bordered by Austria and Switzerland does not even have its own name, the family known as the history, the former owner and ruler of the small country.


6. / Balzers border to the Luziensteig road is located near the old stone limestone. According to local oral tradition, the strongest man in the village was replaced by Erős Jörg. At that time the frontier was not yet clearly marked and the inhabitants of Balzers and of the neighboring Swiss settlement were not able to decide where to go. The balzers have suggested that they should make a decision in the debate. The Swiss could easily enter it, only curving down the edge of their mouth when they saw the great man of the balsairs, who took the stone over his head and led him to the foot of the mountains. This is how the border of the village today is far further away from the hillside.

7. / On the 15th of August of each year the prince will bless all the citizens on the Day of the Statehood. In that case, you can go to the castle alone, where you can make a joint photo with the prince.


8. / In Liechtenstein there are more bicycle roads than the public road. There is a 350 km bicycle path, opposite the 250 km asphalt road.

9. / National dish is a cheese dumpling (Käsknöpfle), Riebel (a kind of food from maize, milk and butter) and spicy alpine macaroni (Älplermagronen mit Wirz).

10./ Liechtenstein follows the policy of neutrality and is one of the few states on Earth that has no army. In 1866, 80 soldiers went to the last war, but they returned to 81 because they were joined by an Italian - by other sources Austrian - clerks. The last Lieutenant of Liechtenstein died in 1939 at the age of 95. The order is maintained by a small police force.


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